Memorable Travel Blog Business Cards

I recently ordered my first ever set of business cards from MOO (am I a real adult now?), and I simply love them. They ended up arriving here a week ahead of schedule (even more of a bonus) and I was super excited as I pulled them out of my mailbox.

Travel Blog Business Cards

I had been wanting to buy business cards featuring my own photography, which is why I went with MOO. They make it easy to design custom cards using your own designs, logos and photography. You’re able to use up to 50 of your own images and I had so much fun designing cards that I actually ended up using 25 different images for a pack of only 50 cards. I figured that once I had them in my hands I’d have obvious favorites to get reprinted the next time I need business cards. However, I was wrong.

The cards looked even better in person than I had hoped for. The images are crisp, clear and vibrant. And overall I want to reprint almost all of them.

Travel Blog Business Cards

Some of my most used photographs

The card stock weight is a bit heavier and thicker than most business cards, but that will help make your card stand out. And the edges are nice and sharp (rounded options are available as well).

On the opposite side I have all of my blogger information, as well as the logo and color scheme from my website.

Travel Blog Business Cards

I love seeing all the photos from my various travels on the business cards, and so do others. With such a variety, people can choose which card is their favorite. And by letting them choose the card they’ll keep, it’ll make it more special to them and they’ll be more likely to remember you and your brand… or at least that’s the theoryNetworking subtlety at its finest.

Travel Blog Business Cards

A few of my more fun business card designs

As a travel blogger you’re constantly trying to promote your work, your brand and yourself. It’s crucial to have business cards, especially if you plan to work with companies, sponsors or even just other travelers. And I just can’t wait to start handing these babies out!

So the next time you find yourself needing affordable, yet professional quality business cards, be sure to check out MOO to create your own memorable business cards. You won’t regret it!

Travel Blog Business Cards

All purchases come with a sturdy storage case to protect your cards

Disclaimer: I purchased my MOO business cards without any sort of promotional code, and all opinions are my own. Since then, I have become an affiliate for MOO. If you order anything from the links on this page I will earn a small commission that can only be used towards my future MOO purchases. 

Have you used MOO? What do your business cards look like?


4 responses to “Memorable Travel Blog Business Cards

  1. It’s great to see that you found a company that prints quality business cards and that you are really happy with them. I noticed that your cards have pictures on them. Are you a photographer? I used to be into photography as well.

  2. Your cards look awesome! I was just looking at moo a couple of weeks ago to put in an order for my own. I have some that I ordered from vista print that are alright, but when I saw that Moo allows you to have the photography options I decided that my next order is going to be through them.

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