Foto Friday: Koh Hae, Thailand Pt. 1

Every Friday I’ll be sharing a photo from someplace in my travels.

This week’s photo is from my day in paradise in Koh Hae, Thailand.

There are plenty of beautiful koh, meaning island in Thai, in southern Thailand. Although Phuket itself is an island, we wanted to explore some of the even more beautiful beaches that Thailand has to offer.

We decided to spend the day exploring Long Beach on Koh Hae, also known as Coral Island (keep watch for a separate post with more on this later). There the beaches and water were postcard-picture perfect. The waters were calm, relaxing and filled with sea life. Only a few meters from shore we were able to spot coral, parrot fish, dory fish, butterfly fish, banner fish and more.

Seeing all of the traditional Thai longboats on the beautiful water is a scene I’ll always enjoy, which is why I love this photo.

Koh Hae truly was a day in paradise.

Koh Hae


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